Certified Conflict Management Coach

Tom Reilly

For 15 years I worked for tech start-ups where disagreements, tension, and conflict are inevitable. Those dynamics are just as inevitable in our personal lives as well. Conflict can strengthen relationships and bring important topics to the surface. But, it can also alienate people and cause resentments. It all depends on the choices you make before, during and after conflict arises.

In addition to my training and certification as a conflict management coaching, I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for 15 years and volunteer editing dharma talk transcripts for the Insight Meditation Center.

I believe that when we engage deliberately, purposefully, and empathetically, good outcomes follow. That is what led me to become a Certified Conflict Management Coach.


“Before our sessions I had no idea how to approach the issue and felt like there was no way to work it out. Tom has a warm and caring presence that made it easy to open up about the challenges I was facing. He was able to help me see all of my options available and choose the best path to reconciliation. I was able to face one of the most challenging conflicts I’ve ever had with more clarity thanks to Tom. I highly recommend Tom to anyone who wants to resolve a conflict. He knows what he is doing and the results I experienced are proof of that.”


“I am very grateful for my coaching experience with Tom. I was feeling very uncomfortable about the conflict I had and very scared about how things might turn out, if I didn’t do the “right” thing. After coaching sessions with Tom, I was way more comfortable with my values and goals and being true to myself while trying to maintain valuable relationships.  It helped me open up and not to be afraid to talk about my goals and my needs in the conflict.  I would recommend Tom to people who want to feel more prepared for a conversation from their side, the side they can control.”